Over the years we have had the opportunity to volunteer on many great projects in our community! We helped build a playground 20 years ago when our two girls were in nursery school. Later, we did the same at their middle school. Below are pictures from some of the other projects we were happy to help with.

“Dear Kevin, Every now and again, some people are given a special opportunity to build something lasting, something which will contribute not only to themselves, but perhaps even to others who will follow. In helping with the building of our new playground, you have had this chance, and what a wonderful job you did! Our new playground is very handsome. Its new, modern form is imaginative and reflects the pride and commitment of this community in its youth. It was with great pleasure that I worked on this project and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you personally for volunteering your hard work. What a wonderful example you set for your own children in the area of community service! ”
Eugene M. Behne
Flocktown Elementary School Principal, Long Valley, NJ

Helping Build a Community Garden

Long Valley, New Jersey
We brought one of our employees, two trucks, and a loader machine. But still, we could barely keep up with all of the volunteers for this community garden build!

Donating House For Local Fire Department Training

We postponed the demo of this house so our local fire departments could spend a week drilling in it. Nice to be able to cut and ventilate a house just for practice.

Eagle Scout Veteran’s Pavilion

Great Meadows, New Jersey
When our company secretary said her son needed help with an Eagle scout project it turned into a pretty large scale project. However, Jordan did a wonderful job.

Saint Mark’s Church Residence Cleanup

Long Valley, New Jersey
Kevin has been involved on the building and grounds committee for over 30 years. This was one time when we did a major overhaul at the priest’s residence.